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The Alliance for Legislation Massage Therapy

The 2015-16 session is under way.

The HF 644 the Massage and Bodywork Therapy Act is being referred to the House Government Operations and Elections Committee. Please ask Rep. Tim Sanders of  37B Blaine to give HF 644 a Hearing by First Deadline.

First deadline is rapidly approaching and HF 644 must be heard in the House Government Operations committee by the end of the day on Friday May 20, 2015.  Please contact your committee member and ask them to support HF 644 and urge representative Sanders to give HF 644 a hearing by the first deadline.

Key House Representatives that need to hear from you!

  1. Tim Sanders (R) 37B - Blaine
  2. Cindy Pugh (R) - 33B - Mound/Shoreview/Excelsior/Deephaven
  3. Michael V. Nelson (DFL) - 40A - Brooklyn Park
  4. Tim O'Driscoll (R) - 13B - Sauck Rapids/Sartell/Holding
  5. Linda Runbeck (R) 38A - Lino Lakes/Hugo/Circle Pines
  6. Peggy Scott (R) - 35B - Anndover
  7. Kelly Fenton (R) - 53B - Woodbury
  8. Laurie Halverson (DFL) - 51B - Eagan

This is a bill that is good for:

A uniform registration process will provide peace of mind for clients that they are working with vetted professionals who are bound to an enforceable standard of conduct. Also, by eliminating the fencing created by city-by-city regulation, it will likely increase the number of service providers available to work in any given area.  

The State
In 2009, the legislature tasked the Minnesota Council of Health Boards with reviewing the need for this regulatory process. Their report found that there is an, “overall compelling state interest” in regulating this industry to protect public health and safety from the actions of unqualified, unethical, improperly trained practitioners who are not currently proactively regulated.  The Advocates for Human Rights recently wrote a letter in support which stated:

HF 644 presents the State of Minnesota with an additional tool in the fight against human trafficking in our communities. It provides a recognizable designation for professional massage and bodywork therapists that may aid in the identification of fake massage businesses which operate as commercial front brothels.

Voluntary registration will make it much easier for employers to make informed hiring decisions. Participating practitioners would provide a list of their education and certifications to certify their qualifications, as well as submit to a background check. This standard is currently in place in 45 other states, including all of Minnesota’s neighboring states. 

Massage and Bodywork therapy providers currently are very limited in where they can work due to the patchwork of city regulations that implement fees that can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually for each city. Many practitioners working in more than one location are currently required to pay fees in every city in which they intend to work. One state credential would dramatically simplify the regulatory burden on this small business profession.  

Local Government
Local governments have far too many things on their plate to dedicate the necessary time to crafting and enforcing local regulations on massage and bodywork therapists. The  League of Minnesota Cities supports state registration of these providers as Minnesota is one of only five states to burden local governments with the responsibility of regulating these professionals.




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